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Get in control of your AWS cloud quickly and easily

Jido's adaptive, opinionated dashboards and reports automatically assess your security posture and resource utilization. Improve your security baseline, reduce your operating costs, visualize your cloud like never before and have fun interacting with your cloud in natural language.

Security Dashboards

Instantly assess and score your security posture in the cloud

Chatbot Assistant

Interact with Jido for ad hoc reporting and power tools

Optimize Spending

Identify under-utilized resources and potential savings

Easy, Secure Set-up

We give you a CF template to grant temporary read-only access to the CLI.

Vizualize & Graph

Jido excels at visualizing and graphing and your cloud resources

Compliance Reports

Easier compliance with pre-built reports

JIDO Security and Optimization Dashboards

Jido comes with many adaptive, preconfigured dashboards, each of which are a collection of cards. Rubric cards calculate weighted scoring and roll up into an overall dashboard score.

12+ AWS Security Dashboards
Detailed configuration, best practise and status checks across all regions
Scored rubrics
Accounts & Quotas
Security Service Adoption
S3 Buckets & Snapshots
Elastic Block Storage
RDS Databases
DynamoDB Tables
Keys, Secrets and Certs
WAF & Shield

JIDO Reports

Jido has an ever-growing list of pre-built reports that are paginated, searchable and can be exported to PDF or CSV.

Active & Inactive Users
Organizational Units
Groups & Roles
Insecure Buckets
Open Ports
Access Keys
Unused EIPs
Organization Cost Breakdown
Data Costs
Disused Assets
NAT Gateway costs
S3 Storage Class & Lifecycle Analysis

JIDO Vizualizations

Jido has proprietary visualizations for your core cloud resources as well as interactive graphing capabilities

A friendlier cloud you can talk to

Put a price on it

Cloud platforms make pricing very confusing on purpose. Jido cuts through the noise and show what resources are costing, and what can be saved through optimization.

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Security Scoring & Alerting

Security in the cloud is up to the customer, and the cloud is unopinionated about what you do with it. Jido shows up caring through a scoring mechanism that tracks weighted scoring and alert levels.

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Multi-account, multi-region

The cloud is a big place. Jido brings it all together so you can understand what you have provisioned across regions.

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JIDO Pricing Plans

JIDO scales with the size of your cloud. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.



billed monthly
  • 1 AWS Account

  • < $500 monthly AWS spend

  • Unlimited Seats/Users

  • Chatbot on Web & Slack

  • Dashboards: 12+

  • Reports: 10+

  • Visualizations



billed monthly
  • 6 AWS Accounts

  • < $5000 monthly AWS spend

  • Unlimited Seats/Users

  • Chatbot on Web & Slack

  • Dashboards: 12+

  • Reports: 10+

  • Visualizations



*get in touch for a quote
  • Unlimited AWS Accounts

  • Everything from SME

  • Self-hosting Options

  • 24x7 Support




Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see what you are looking for, contact our team!


How does JIDO access my AWS cloud?

We provide a CloudFormation template that creates a role with temporary, read-only access to your cloud. You provide the ID back to us and can limit & revoke access at any time.


What data do you collect?

We store cloud configuration data gathered from the CLI.


How do you secure my data?

We encrypt all data in transit and at rest and data stores live in private subnets within AWS VPCs.


Can I delete my data?

You can delete all of your data any time you want.


How often does my data update?

Data is updated continuously and the frequency of this update depends on your tier.


Does JIDO work with Azure, GCP or Teams?

Jido is on AWS and Slack only at this time, but Azure, Teams and GCP are in the roadmap. Let us know if this is something you want!


Is JIDO multi-account?

Jido works with AWS organizations, and can look at each member account seperately.


Can I self-host my data or JIDO?

On the enterprise tier, we have options for hosting in your AWS account.

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